After you’ve bought your followers, what then?

Published by Tommy Craig on

This short post motivates you, the reader, on two fronts. On the one hand is the suggestion that to buy IG followers and likes is not a bad idea at all. But the practice behind the purchase only becomes worthwhile once you get busy afterwards. On that score, it’s necessary that you get to work with your posts.

Idle hands keep the devil happy. There is nothing like lazing back and watching others do all the hard, dirty work for you. It would be everyone’s dream to start up a company and then get others to run it for them, all the while filling up their piggy banks. But that’s not how the real world operates, in case you haven’t already figured it out by now. And social media circles are part of this twenty-first century real world. Two things can happen if you choose to be idle. If they’re feeling generous, they’ll spread the word around that this here is a bum.

Or, as happens most of the time, they’ll say nothing, ignore you and just move on. That’s just the thing, you do nothing and you’ll get nothing in return. Bread and butter still needs to be earned.

When you buy Instagram followers, the work’s only just begun. Many merchants are all too eager beaver to tell you to buy IG likes as well. That’s not a bad idea, but be careful here, and don’t be hasty. The thoughtless purchase could end up blowing up in your face. What if you buy a pound of IG likes and you’ve got nothing on your platform for these likes to ‘like’. How stupid will that look? Okay, granted, you’ve registered your account and you’ve written up your profile, so this is where all those likes get dumped.

Great, and then what? What next? So, you’ve told your wannabe followers what you’re all about. You’ve bought these guys for one purpose, and one purpose only. You’re using them as leverage. You’re using them to attract new, organic followers to your platform. But they’ll only be coming to your SM party if you’ve got gifts galore for them. That’s the way the SM cookie crumbles. Worthy causes, there are aplenty, and these cost money to promote. Lots of pounds and dollars need to be raised to make the cause really a worthy one.

And good luck with that one. No, most social media visitors and activists are only in it for themselves. And it’s up to you to make that hard sell. Start writing up your posts and show them what you’ve got to offer. The script only needs to be a few lines long and it’s usually going to be a support missive to all those grand photos you’ll be taking and publishing. And yes, it’s possible to make these pictures really grand and attractive to your visitors, and then followers. Instagram’s got great easy to use tools for you to use.