Organic growth vs. instant growth on SM platform

Published by Tommy Craig on

Actually, there is no such thing as instant growth when you think of it. The first seeds still need to be planted. And by buying followers on Instagram you are, indeed, planting the first seeds for future growth. Because you are just starting out, not knowing how long it will take before you are able to accumulate a steady and healthy stream of followers, you are using this purchase to establish your platform. You may well be exploitative but you are necessarily dealing with a common perception being experienced on social media these days.

People always seem to be impressed by those darn numbers. Never mind the really swell poem you wrote and published. What matters more is how many people actually liked it. Now, if the poem was truly brilliant in the literary and artistic sense and it only fetched not even ten likes, then it would have hardly have mattered. If the poem was truly trashy or tacky or icky or corny and five hundred people thought it was brilliant, confirming their approval by pushing that like button, then success.

That’s the story of social media so far. How organic growth will occur going forward is up to you. Just how much hard work and creativity you are prepared to put into it will determine how successful you will ultimately be in the long-term. That is the mindset of a successful business operator. To always be thinking about the long-term. Not what needs to happen tomorrow, although from the social media marketing perspective, this remains important. But steady and patient as she goes. It only takes a couple of months for those first seeds to grow into a fine tree.

And then wait until next season when that fine tree starts to sprout its blossoms. Regular posting work will get you that far. Consider your regular posting work to be your weekend gardening expos, all very necessary to keep the garden well-maintained and flourishing. The regular posting standard these days is no less than once a day. It could very well be more or less, it all depends on what kind of business you are promoting, what message you are trying to send out, or even on the timing of your art.

By all means, preoccupy yourself with the numbers but never forget about the quality. This is good for your long-term reputation. Quality writing on Instagram will be consistent. Leave no room for slips. Quality writing on Instagram also means that you will be giving due consideration to your audience. Your target market and your future followers will love it that you took their feelings into account, never mind that behind the scenes, you were motivated simply to get them to buy something from you.

All good, all around, because this is something they know well enough about social media if they’ve been on the wires longer than you have. It’s important to grow, but growing up healthy and strong is the ideal.