What kind of followers would you like?

Published by Tommy Craig on

It all begins with you. It is not easy to do if you are doing this for the first time, but determining what kind of followers you would like to see on your active platform is a challenge that can be overcome in time. Try and see yourself switching off from the numbers for a while, knowing full well that you, like many social media practitioners, will have concerns about this. Focus all attention on your product development before you decide to go live with your marketing enterprise.

Just how many followers you have in mind to buy does, however, form part of your marketing exercise. You may have an income target in mind and you may believe that a set number of followers will help you to achieve that target. But bear in mind that if you are going to adopt this mindset, you are probably going to lead a lot more followers than originally envisioned, with the simple reality being that perhaps out of every twenty followers you gain, only one may be seriously interested in buying into your service offering.

When you buy followers, first off, you’re establishing a ready-made platform from which you can now really and truly settle into your work. You can let your mind rest at ease, leaving you with more headspace to focus on your product development and the creative composition of your written copy and captured photos. And this work is quite critical. Earlier, it was remarked that the number of initial followers who will show serious intent may be few and far between.

But through this posting regime, you will be able to make gains on real followers who will actively engage in the process of buying, selling and promotion. Bear in mind that your first bought followers will not be nearly as active as those that show a physical interest in your work. It might also be a good idea to buy comments. Of course, you will have to watch these quite carefully, even though they will be mostly positive.

The comments have to be directly related to your platform, profile and following posts. It will be quite embarrassing and highly unprofessional if you receive a comment that is laudatory about the great gaming app you just developed when all you are trying to sell is your grandmother’s recipe of blueberry muffins. Good and well that you have now got your followers, and it’s also starting to grow and show, but have you given serious thought to becoming a follower yourself?

By becoming a follower yourself, you are giving yourself another option to attract the kind of followers you would like to see on your own platform. Some of these followers may very well turn out to be rivals but what better way to see what they are up to when you are up close, but never personal with them. And then there are those leading influencers that you can always learn from.